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Global Warming Potential

We all know too well the effects that our environment is having on our planets atmosphere but the effects of refrigerants on the atmosphere are not so often discussed.

Refrigerants are rated against their potential to cause global warming (GWP) and with the high effect they have per kG of refrigerant, selecting the best available refrigerant for your application will have an effect on our long term environment and your financial viability.


R404A which is a common refrigerant largerly used over the last 20 years and is still available has a devasting effect on the atmosphere. 1kG of R404A has the same effect as 3690kG of CO2.

Alternative refrigerants including natural refrigerants are now available with a much lower CO2 effects, including CO2 itself.

Select the best refrigerant for your application.

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Depletion of the ozone over the Antartica was first discovered in the mid 1980's leading to a international collaboration to bring about the Montreal Protocol signed by 197 Parties in 1987 to reduce consumption and production of ozone depleting materials not only found in refrigerants but other substances manufactured.

Although such ozone depleting refrigerants are no longer able to be imported into New Zealand such as R12 and R22, surprisingly enough with all the knowledge the world has gained we find these refrigerants and other ozone depleting materials are still being manufactured in certain parts of the world.

Without the ozone layer we would all be exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun leading to damage to plants, animals and raising the levels of skin cancer where the ozone layer is reduced.

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Energy Efficiency

Reducing your energy consumption is beneficial to your bottom line and to the environment, identifying where in your refrigeration system energy efficiencies can be gained is sometimes challenging.

Here at Everett Consulting we can assist you in identifying these energy efficiency areas in your existing plant and how to achieve the end result that you require.

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Carbon Footprint

In all that we do our carbon footprint has either a positive or negative impact on our long term environment, refrigeration contributes significantly to your carbon footprint through its power consumption and the refrigerant selected.

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